With a pyramid, you can achieve your goals faster in a harmonious way, no matter whether it is spiritual, material, career, relationship or health goal you have. The pyramid is your free unlimited energy source and it is up to you how to use it!


It has been proven that a pyramid regenerates the natural flow of energy circulation in the body, strengthens the power of intention and harmonizes the environment. By charging it up with thoughtform, it will be manifested. A clear aim for using the pyramid is relevant because it will come to life surprisingly soon.

How to place:

Place the pyramid with dignity as it is very powerful. Place it in a conspicuous place for yourself around 0.5 – 1m high from the floor and orient it using a compass so that the side is parallel to the North-South axis. It is your personal thing, so keep it safe.

8 Situations where Pyramid can help:

  1. If You know What You want, with a Pyramid on your desk You will Fulfill Your Desire faster.
  2. If You have a business Attract Money faster.
  3. If You practice meditation using a Pyramid You will develop concentration and psychic power faster.
  4. If You want to drink positively energized water, a Pyramid will charge it.
  5. If You have health issues and nothing seems to help You, a Pyramid will Improve Your Health.
  6. If You work long hours on a PC use a Pyramid to protect yourself from harmful EMF.
  7. If You have a garden near a Pyramid, all plants will flourish.
  8. If You exercise Yoga, Tai Chi or Cigun in presence of a Pyramid You will Feel the Energy more Vividly.

8 ways of using the Pyramid:

  1. Write down one single goal that you wish to achieve with this pyramid in a fulfilled form;
  2. For money enhancing, place a 5 USD banknote under it;
  3. Meditate, holding it in both hands;
  4. Purify water by placing the pyramid on top of a water utensil 24 hours;
  5. Remove pain by placing the pyramid on the painful spot.
  6. For protection from electromagnetic radiation, place the pyramid between yourself and the EMF radiation source;
  7. Neutralize the geological vein radiation by placing the pyramid on the point of the vein intersection.
  8. Feel the energy holding it in hands or putting open palms towards it.

Once a week:

  1. Purify it, leaving it under cold running water for a few minutes.
  2. Charge it keeping it in sunlight for 1 day and moonlight for 1 night.

Benefits using pyramid to access your Energy


Feel the Energy


Develop Mental Abilities


Fulfill Desire


Attract Money


Improve Health


Protection from EMF


Purify Water


Give Life to Nature