DISCLOSURE! – Free Energy and Healing Pyramid Power

This is my disclosure about Free Energy and Healing Pyramid Power. I have done many experiments trying to find way to harness Zero Point Energy field and all my effort failed. I’m confident, that Pyramid is itself Free Energy device and we need to do more research on how to harness the positive effects. Pyramids indeed is high level technology that can provide Energy, Food and Medicine in a long term sustainable way . If each community would have such pyramid, that would save the earth from pollution.

Dr. Golod constructed this pyramid from an internal framework of PCP pipes covered with fiberglass sheets. This is the largest of his pyramids – 144 feet tall, weighs 55 tons and took five years to build, costing a million dollars. It was completed in 1999.

Dr. Alexander Golod was the leading force in building the first pyramid structures in both Russia and the Ukraine in 1990 where an array of leading Russian scientists conducted experiment on them and soon realized the healing “pyramid power” had potential to revolutionize our modern day society in so many wondrous ways.

No metals were used in their construction. All the construction materials were non-conductive since any metals on a pyramid constructed of non-metallic materials was known to decrease the healing pyramid energy’s seeming magical effects when exactly aligned to true north. As Dr. Patrick Flanagan pointed out, Dr. Golod used the Golden Mean phi ratio of 1 of 1.618 that often appears in the growth pattern of living organisms.

In a careful in-depth study using science-backed methods and well-documenting expariments, healing pyramid energy achievements proved and documented again and again by key Russian scientists.

David Wilcock wrote:

Pyramid technology is indeed far more advanced than we ever realized, and has the power to completely transform our planet—as well as our own lives. The only thing holding us back was that our own science had not yet progressed to the point where we could identity and understand such a high technology. I realized that pyramids were indeed the most
stunningly advanced technology ever built on Earth.

Thankfully, multiple teams of accredited, mainstream Russian scientists did the work for us. Their results suggest that pyramid technology, and its offshoots could save the world—and substantially improve our physical, mental and spiritual health along the way. In addition, these results tear the roof off everything we thought we knew about our own bodies and about science in general. The more you learn about it the more wonderful the implications become.

The tragically sad aspect of these genuine noteworthy discoveries was no mainstream academic journal would publish their results despite all the meticulous care Russian scientists took to preserve strict scientific
protocols. The main reason for this seems to be that entrenched power groups would be heavily threatened by all the technological reakthroughs these discoveries would provide.